Vision, Mission and Goals

A group of 9 Career Services Center staff standing on the front stairs of Old Main.



A world where everyone is empowered to achieve their career goals and live their best life.


Empower our community to explore, to connect, and to create their future.

Department Goals

  • To increase experiential opportunities, and professional connections for students by promoting equitable access, and engaging students and employers in volunteering, internships, And events.​
  • To increase student access and awareness of opportunities through outreach and marketing, connections to resources and tools, presentations, workshops, and career counseling.​
  • To increase equitable outcomes by modeling and advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusion with all stakeholders.​
  • To increase student self-awareness and self-efficacy through developmental and compassionate group and individual counseling.​
  • To increase tailored programs, resources, and tools by collaborating with faculty and academic partners.

Primary Services

Through individual appointments, group workshops, and employer events, we provide a comprehensive range of services to empower students and alumni in their career journeys, including:​

  • ​Career exploration​
  • Job and internship search ​
  • Resume and cover letter review​
  • Interview preparation​
  • Continuing education guidance​