The world’s largest professional network of over 600 million users and over 30 million employers!​

Why LinkedIn?

Network with professionals, build your professional brand, find jobs and internships, explore career paths, employers, get inspired.​

Creating a Strong Profile​

Learn how to create a profile that will increase your credibility, profile views, connections requests, and chances of being discovered for relevant jobs.​

Building your Network

​Connect with professionals to gather insights, advice, and industry knowledge. This is a great way to explore career paths and expand your network.​

Job & Internship Search

​Use LinkedIn to explore careers paths, learn about employers, search for job and internship opportunities, and build your network of potential referrals.

LinkedIn Mobile App

​A fast and easy way to access​ all the functionality of LinkedIn –​ anytime, anywhere. ​

Free LinkedIn Photos​

​The Career Services Center provides opportunities for free LinkedIn photos in our office and at the career fairs!​

Why should I use LinkedIn?

It’s the largest professional networking site—with over 600 million professionals—that you can use for:​

LinkedIn connects college students with professionals in their field of interest, opening doors for mentorship and career opportunities.​

It serves as a powerful platform for finding internships, part-time jobs, and entry-level positions.​

Building a strong LinkedIn profile showcases skills, experiences, and achievements, enhancing students' professional image.​

Follow companies and industry leaders to stay updated on trends, news, and relevant information.​

LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of courses to enhance students' knowledge and skills.​

Facilitates connections with alumni who can offer guidance and advice in navigating post-college life.​

Receive recommendations from professors, employers, and colleagues, boosting your credibility.​

Groups and forums on LinkedIn allow students to join conversations and connect with like-minded individuals.​

Employers actively use LinkedIn to search for and connect with potential candidates, increasing students' visibility.​

Engaging with professionals on LinkedIn exposes students to diverse perspectives and encourages personal and professional growth.

Discover internship and job opportunities through referrals from your LinkedIn connections.​

LinkedIn allows students to highlight their projects, research papers, and creative work, gaining recognition and feedback.

Connect with professors and researchers at graduate schools they may be interested in attending.​

Students interested in starting their own businesses can connect with potential partners, investors, and mentors on LinkedIn.​

Offers webinars, workshops, and resources to enhance students' professional skills and knowledge.​

LinkedIn promotes industry events and conferences, providing opportunities for students to attend and network with professionals.​

Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Complete LinkedIn profiles are 40% more likely to be viewed by others!​

Profiles with a photo get 21x more views and 9x more connection requests than those without!  ​

  • Choose a photo that looks like you
  • Put your face in the center of the frame​
  • Practice your facial expression​
  • Wear what you’d wear to work​
  • Choose a non-distracting background​

​View more Tips for Taking a Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo to take an engaging photo! ​

​And don’t forget to include a background photo! Here are some ideas.​

​And…the Career Services Center is also providing free professional photos!!  Click here to learn more.​

Aside from your photo, your headline is the single most important factor to making a strong first impression. Make your headline more than your current job or education status!​

  • Make it quick​
  • Make it catchy​
  • Make it you​

​View more tips and examples from LinkedIn: Eye-Catching LinkedIn Profile Headlines to Inspire Your Own.​

Create a summary that tells your story—and be yourself!​

  • Make it about you​
  • Tell a story​
  • Write in the first person​

View more tips and examples from LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile Summaries That We Love (And How to Boost Your Own)

Create a compelling experience section to showcase your skills and make a strong impression on potential employers, colleagues, and connections.

  • Include relevant positions
  • Use action-oriented language
  • Highlight achievements and impact
  • Tailor you content
  • Be concise and relevant

Build credibility with references​

  • Aid their memory (include notes for your reference to help guide them)​
  • Highlight your abilities ​
  • Make it personal

Connect & Engage

Start connecting with people you already know today!​

  • Friends​
  • Fellow Students​
  • Family​
  • WWU Staff ​
  • WWU Faculty​
  • Co-workers​
  • Supervisors ​
  • Alumni

Connect with professionals that:​

  • Recruiting for a job, industry, employer you’re interested in​
  • Work in an industry you’d like to explore​
  • Currently, or used to, work at an organization where you’re interested in working​
  • Have an interesting career path you want to learn about​
  • Graduated from WWU​
  • Are connected to your 1st connections ​
  • Share content on a topic of interest​
  • Are members in a mutual group​
  • Live in an area where you’d like to relocate

What to include (in 300 characters or less)​

  1. Personalized greeting​
  2. How you know them​
  3. Why you want to connect​
  4. Polite sign off​​

Need some examples? Here are 6 message templates for LinkedIn Connection Request Success.​

  • Follow Companies (especially if you want to work there)​
  • Join Groups ​
  • Follow Influencers​
  • Subscribe to Newsletters​
  • Connect with Schools
  • Engage: Like, Comment, Repost, Send ​
  • Create: Posts, Articles, Videos​
  • Give & Receive: Recommendations ​
  • Communicate: Messaging​
  • Meet: Informational Interview

Job & Internship Search

Use LinkedIn to research the organization and the people who work there.  ​

Pro Tip: Reach out to people to ask them for an informational interview to learn more about the:​

  • Company​
  • Culture​
  • Team​
  • Supervisor​
  • Position​

Search for jobs and internships using LinkedIn’s extensive database of jobs and extensive search filters. Here are some key filters to utilize:​

  • Job title​
  • Job function​
  • Industry​
  • Date posted​
  • Experience level​
  • Under 10 applicants​
  • In your network
  • Message or connect with the hiring team (job poster) if they’ve included their name on the posting​
  • See how your skills match those added by the job poster​
  • Set up & manage job alerts​
  • Find jobs directly from company’s LinkedIn page​
  • To find hiring managers, use “hiring” as a Title keyword in the People Filters​
  • Go directly to the Company page