Handshake for Employers


Thank you for your interest in recruiting the talented students at Western Washington University!

The Career Services Center is happy to post your full-time, degree-preferred job opportunities and paid internship opportunities.

*Unpaid internship from non-profit organizations and government agencies will be posted.

*All opportunities will be reviewed for approval before posting to students.

To determine if your organization and employment opportunities are a good fit for our students, please start by reviewing our Recruiting Policies

Looking to hire students for part-time or seasonal work? Please visit our Student Employment Center

Now, let’s get you set up to promote your organization and opportunities to our students!

Handshake is WWU’s recruiting and virtual career fair platform. You can use Handshake to post job and internship opportunities for our students and alumni, host virtual events, build your employer brand, and find qualified candidates by viewing students’ public profiles…all for free!



  • New to Handshake? The team at Handshake have developed step-by-step resources to assist employers with their recruitment efforts across the platform.
  • For more information on how you can utilize Handshake features to improve your early talent recruiting outcomes and for access to on-demand recruiting strategy webinars, check out Handshake University for Employers.
  • For tips and trends for modern recruiting, like Early Talent Trends, Diversity & Inclusion, and Improving your Employer Brand, you’ll want to follow the Handshake Blog for Employers.

Need further Handshake assistance?

Contact Britta Eschete | Britta.Eschete@wwu.edu | 360.650.2944