Connect Major to Career

Your future career options will be shaped by your academic preparation, in combination with your personal attributes and experience gained through campus involvement, internships, volunteer service and work experience. ​

​Below are some resources to help you connect your major to a future career.​

How does my major connect to a career?

What Can I do with this Major? can help you explore the range of possibilities and give you some tips on gaining experience towards specific careers.


How are Western graduates using their degrees?​

Go to WWU's Graduate Outcomes to see post graduation data on WWU alumni working in Washington State by college and major, including:​

  • Wages (six months following graduation and over time)​
  • Employment by County, Industry and Employer​
  • Graduate School Enrollment Rates by Institution​

​You can also see where over100K WWU alumni work using LinkedIn’s Alumni tab.  ​

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Would you like guidance on choosing a major?​

The Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center’s Choosing a Major page has resources and activities to help you explore and evaluate your major options and declare you major. ​

​Both the Academic Advising & Student Achievement Center and Career Services Center are here to help you determine your major by clarifying academic and career interests! ​